Cirque Du Soleil – Quidam – fotoreport dello spettacolo di Milano 2014

Cirque Du Soleil – Quidam – fotoreport dello spettacolo di Milano 2014

Quidam ha debuttato sotto il tendone ad aprile 1996 a Montreal. Da allora, la produzione ha visitato cinque continenti ed ha emozionato milioni di persone. Nel dicembre 2010, Quidam ha intrapreso un nuovo viaggio, presentare la stessa entusiasmante produzione nei palazzetti, partendo dal Nord America. Il cast internazionale comprende 45 acrobati, musicisti, cantanti e artisti di prima classe.

La giovane Zoé è annoiata; i suoi genitori, distanti e apatici, la ignorano. La sua vita ha perso qualsiasi significato. Cercando di riempire il vuoto della sua esistenza, scivola in un mondo immaginario – il mondo di Quidam – dove incontra dei personaggi che la incoraggiano a liberare la sua anima.

Cirque du Soleil
Dai circa 20 artisti di strada di cui la compagnia era formata al suo inizio nel 1984, il Cirque du Soleil, basato in Quebec, è oggi la società leader nel settore dell’entertainment. Il gruppo conta 4.000 lavoratori, di cui oltre 1.200 artisti di oltre 50 nazionalità diverse.

The cast of Quidam has over 50 acrobats, musicians, singers, and characters, some of which are detailed below.
Zoé: She is the principal character in Quidam. Although average in nature, she longs for excitement.
Father: Completely, though unwittingly, self-absorbed. His white shoes are the only indication of a hidden personality.
Mother: Conveys an air of absence and alienation. Inside her lie fear, frustration, and desire.
Quidam: The show’s titular character, who is anonymous, everyone, and no one. He may have stepped out of a surrealist painting or been conjured up out of Zoé’s imagination.
John: Part game-show host and part substitute teacher who is the guide through the world of Quidam. Also is represented as a father figure to Zoé hence him stepping into her father’s shoes.
Target: A living human bullseye fired at by everyone but is always smiling.
Chiennes Blanches: The silent chorus, the nameless and the faceless, the dehumanized, mechanical crowd, simultaneously leading and following. They also accompany the principal characters as they make their entrances and exits.
Boum-Boum: Enjoys screaming at the audience and walking away proudly, but will run away if an audience member screams back.
Rabbit: A minor character who chases and gets chased by other characters.
Aviator: A character who has skeletal wings who looks like he is not ready to take off.
Les Égarés: Lost individuals who gather together in the streets and abandoned buildings of Quidam. They perform in the banquine act.

Quidam combines a mix of acrobatic skills and traditional circus acts.
German Wheel: An acrobat performs tricks within a German wheel.
Diabolo: A performer manipulates diabolos (i.e., Chinese yo-yo), which are two sticks linked by a string on which a wooden spool balances.
Aerial contortion in silk: Intensity, power and grace combine when a young woman becomes one with the column of red fabric which supports and cradles her.
Skipping ropes: Drawing inspiration from dance, acrobatics, and the art of manipulation, a group of 20 acrobats performs this familiar child’s game in a steady stream of solo, duo, and group jumps and figures.
Aerial hoops: Two performers use hoops attached to the ceiling to perform tricks.
Handbalancing: Using strength and balance, a performer contorts into poses while on balancing canes.
Spanish webs: Artists fly over the stage, attached to trolleys on the overhead tracks. In turn or as a group, they occasionally perform a sudden drop, stopped only by the ropes looped around their waists or ankles.
Statue: Never losing contact, two strong, flexible performers move almost imperceptibly, assuming positions impossible without an impeccable sense of balance.
Banquine: An Italian acrobatic tradition going back to the Middle Ages that combines gymnastics and ballet. Showcasing the agility of the human body, up to 15 artists perform sequences of feats and human pyramids with their perfectly synchronized movements.
Juggling: Up to five balls fly through the air, with additional manipulation of a briefcase, umbrella, and bowler hat.



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